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NEW! Stained Glass Art in Procreate

NEW! Stained Glass Art in Procreate

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This Project-Based Procreate class includes nearly 50 minutes of video instruction. It is broken down into easy-to-follow lessons. ย 

You'll need an iPad, Apple Pencil, and the Procreate App. The class downloads include the Color Palette, Class Project File, and Reference Artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stained Glass Brush Kit is sold separately (and this class is priced lower to account for that).

In this class, I'll walk you through all the steps I use to create gorgeous stained glass art in Procreate. We will make the butterfly art shown together. Watch the video above for the class details.ย 


  • What Do I Need for this Class? You'll need an iPad, Apple Pencil, the Procreate App, and my Stained Glass Kit Brush Set.
  • Can I Watch it Anytime? Yes! The class is pre-recorded, and you can watch it anytime that is convenient for you. You have lifetime access.
  • Is it okay if I'm new to Procreate and/or Hand Lettering? Yes! We'll take things step-by-step. I love project-based learning because it makes things more fun and easier to understand.
  • What language is the class in? Does it have subtitles?ย The class is in English. Sorry, it does not have subtitles currently! That was an added expense, and I opted to forgo them to keep the class price down.ย 
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