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30 Days of Monoline Magic Workbook

30 Days of Monoline Magic Workbook

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30 Days of Monoline Magic Workbook 

In this 40-page instant download PDF workbook, you'll improve your muscle memory and smooth out those shaky lines all while having fun with monoline styles!

Inside you'll find:

Progress checklist, drills, flourishing, doodles, and all kinds of practice pages featuring seven different monoline lettering styles. I've also included lettering tips and tricks throughout as well as exemplar pages for all the styles so you can print and keep them on hand for easy reference.

PLUS, it also includes iPad-friendly versions of the worksheets.

AND...Every quote/poem I've used in this workbook is in the public domain. That means the copyright has expired, and you can use them in lettering work you create for sale!

This is a digital download. No physical items will be shipped.

All you need for this print-at-home workbook is copy paper and a pencil! No special supplies are necessary, although I'll discuss some optional supplies in the workbook.

Click through the tabs and photos to learn more! You can click the photos to enlarge.

What's Included?

This PDF workbook is a total of 40 Pages, including 30 pages of Monoline Worksheets. 

BONUS! iPad-friendly JPGs of the practice worksheets (for Procreate Practice)  are also included with your download.

To use the JPGs in Procreate: Open Procreate, then open the photo from the main menu page. Add a layer and start practicing. 

All you need for this print-at-home workbook is copy paper and a pencil!

How to Download

As these are eBooks, no hard copies will be mailed.  No markers are included. These are delivered in a zipped file. You need to unzip the file to access the ebooks in the folder. 

On a computer: save the zipped file to your desktop, uncompress it, and then print and practice!

On your iPad: If you are downloading directly to a mobile device you will need to install an app (such as FileExplorer Free) onto your iPad FIRST, then you will be to open the zipped file. Downloading on a phone is NOT recommended due to phone download restrictions. 

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