Rose Gold + Marble Mockup Photo
Rose Gold + Marble Mockup Photo

Rose Gold + Marble Mockup Photo

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This listing includes one (1) instant download 4032x3024, web-resolution Styled Desktop Quote Mockup Photo. JPG format.

The download does not have my watermark. Due to the file size, it is delivered via a zipped file. On an iPad, you will need an unzip app to unzip the file.

First, download and save the photo to your computer.

Then, simply overlay your lettering or artwork as a PNG on top of the styled mockup photo using your favorite design/editing program.

There are a ton of great tutorials online for how to use mockup photos, including several on my blog: 


You may use photo this for personal or business use. You can add your own text/art/lettering/quote, crop, watermark, add filters, etc. as you wish. After you add your text to the mockup you may use it on your blog, shop, website, social media, etc. Credit is not required.


I retain the copyright to this image. You may not sell or share or giveaway the actual mockup photo to a third-party to use in any way, shape, or form.

Thank you so much!